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Are you tired of living life on Autopilot?


You wake up, look after your family, do the household chores, go to work in a job you no longer enjoy,

cook dinner, night routine, then, once exhausted, you finally fall asleep with the kids.

Then repeat, day, after day!

"Does this sound familiar!?"


You know deep down you have more in you...

a burning desire, a passion to serve others, to live with time & financial freedom

But your self-doubts and fears are keeping you stuck in your current situation loop...?

You are not alone...

I've been depressed, stuck in a rut, confused, overwhelmed, lost with no direction, fearful of not being 'enough' with daily doses of mum guilt

and many others I've helped are just like us!


My inner voice did not shut up! And yours isn't going to either!

This is your sign that you are ready to transform your life now!


I learnt how to heal and manifest

Our current reality is simply a reflection of who we were in the past 


It is not a prediction of who we are going to be in the future


We all DESERVE to have everything we want in our life.

But for most of us, we have been taught differently...


"Wanting is greedy"

"Only lucky people can have it all"

"Life has to be difficult"

"Happiness never lasts a long time"

 My question to you...

Do you want to keep believing this and struggling for the rest of your life? 


Imagine 6 months from now;

You're doing work that you love

You have a positive mindset and can ease stress & anxiety instantly

You're living life full of vitality & energy

Our Thoughts Create Our Reality 

Our Thoughts Create Our Reality 

These coaching sessions are designed to teach women to reprogram false beliefs in their subconscious that no longer serve them into beliefs that empower them. On average about 95% of our thoughts are the same every day.

These thoughts create emotions that then become beliefs.

In order to change our reality into a more positive one, we must start to change our daily thoughts. 

Trapped Emotions

We all have trauma and pain in our past but most of us hold sadness, anger and resentment in our body. These suppressed emotions constantly emit negative vibes and attract more of the same.

As a Pranic Energy Healer, I help women to release these emotions and equip them to create a good vibe in their body, mind and spirit. 

The Magic Is In You

I guide women to discover the magic within and really reconnect to their true self.

In today's busy life it is easy to feel disconnected from our true soul, we often feel lost and alone.

I will support you in rediscovering your intuition and learn to listen to your inner voice with confidence. 

When we reconnect with ourselves, our life naturally feels easier and feel more fulfilled.

We can also manage our emotions well and become strong even during difficult times of our life.

(Shit happens in our life, right?!) 

Becoming a Magic Manifestor

Being an Inspired Spirit Coach, Manifestation is my zone of genius!


Both my 1:1 Sessions & signature group program - YOUZen are designed to teach you to become a

Magic Manifestor so you can design your life as you truly desire it and then live it.


Why work so hard when you can ask for help from the bigger power to support you?


Let's tap in and use that power! --- The Universe always looks after you. 


Select the way you would prefer to work together to find out more

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