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Meet Sahori Smitham

I'm a Japanese mother of two who calls The Gold Coast, Australia home.


Becoming a mother was always a dream of mine. But the years of lack of sleep, the lack of 'me' time and the consistent mother guilt lead me to postnatal depression.


I was doing everything for everyone, but nothing for myself.


I had lost myself, my identity, my life's passion & purpose.


I said to myself

"Is this it!?"


Have you ever felt this way?

“ When a student is ready the teacher shows up ”


My self-discovery journey started when I was in my late 30's.


I had two healthy and happy kids and a supportive husband.


I had no major issues in my life but I was so miserable and deeply depressed.


Living with anxiety about life and 'what-if's' kept me stuck in a negative place. 


I had no direction or purpose in my life, so I started to ask myself …. Is this it? Is my life just cooking and cleaning and playing with kids? Is this it? ....I was screaming for help.


Then my mentor showed up in my life and taught me a new way of living that most of us have never been taught in school or from our parents. 

Our Thoughts Create Our Reality 


  • Only lucky people can be lucky

  • Life should not be easy

  • Good things never last long

  • Life always has it's ups and downs like a roller coaster

  • I didn't even enjoy the good times because I was so worried about what bad things would happen next

  • I always made sure I had a plan B just in case plan A failed.. no wonder why my life was always going the wrong way!

  • I was not good enough

  • I didn't deserve anything good

  • Wanting more was greedy

  • The grass is always greener on the other side attitude.


  • Our mind was programmed with beliefs from parents, culture, experiences and society.

  • Those beliefs are not necessary to support our highest potential and create a small mindset which always limits our lives.

  • We can reprogram our mind to the way we want to think, such as "I am capable and able to do whatever I want", "I live an abundant and joyful life".

  • We can heal our body, mind, and spirit ourselves.

  • Everything I need to know is within me and I can access this wisdom and knowledge when I truly connect with myself.

  • We ALL have a soul purpose. This is our birthright.

  • It's ok to be you and do you. We can celebrate our uniqueness and shine.

  • You are always guided to the highest good


That moment when I took responsibility for my life and stopped blaming others and my circumstances, my life changed massively.


Now I have found my TRUE SELF and I 100% love and accept who I am.

I don't have to fit in the box and I enjoy being ME.


This is HUGE  for me as I grew up in a culture where being different was considered bad.... 


Those things I was complaining about in my life, such as not having enough money, no purpose, and complaints about kids and husband - they disappeared and now I see more good in my life.


I no longer worry about the future or keep feeling pain from my past.

With my experience and knowledge I can now offer 1:1 and group life coaching for others to have breakthroughs in their life too, and finally live that dream life they deserve!


If you've related to me so far,

I am on a mission to help

YOU create the life you

truly desire.

Are you ready to become your own healer and live unconditionally happy?
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